exchangeable disk storage中文意思是什麼

exchangeable disk storage解釋

  • exchangeable: adj. 可交換的;可兌換的;可轉換的 (for)。
  • disk: n 1 圓盤;盤狀,盤狀物。2 【體育】鐵餅;〈美國〉唱片。3 【植物;植物學】花盤;【動物;動物學】盤...
  • storage: n. 1. 貯藏(量),存儲(量);(倉庫)保管;庫容量。2. 棧房,倉庫,貯藏所。3. 棧租,棧費。4. 貯存器。5. 【電學】蓄電(瓶)。6. 【自動化】(計算機的)存儲(器);記憶。

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  1. Although at this stage it is not competitive in the large computers, the bubble memory is closing the cost gap with disk storage devices

  2. Restores to standard disk storage format files previously stored using the backup command

  3. Disk management is a graphical tool for managing disk storage that includes many new features, such as

  4. In dpcx, a user - defined partition of disk storage created by collecting bit maps into a group

    在分佈處理控制執行程序( dpcx )中,將位圖集中成一組構成的一種由用戶定義的磁盤存儲分區。
  5. Changes can be made to the underlying architecture ( hardware, disk storage methods ) without affecting how the user accesses it

    對底層架構的改變(硬體,磁盤存儲方法) ,不會影響到用戶的訪問。