exclusive-read and exclusive-write中文意思是什麼

exclusive-read and exclusive-write解釋

  • exclusive: adj 1 除外的;排外的,排他的,(俱樂部等)不公平的,勢利的,非大眾化的。2 孤高的。3 獨占的;獨有...
  • read: vt 1 閱讀,朗讀,誦讀;【議會】宣讀(議案);照譜唱[奏] (aloud out off)。2 辨讀,辨認(暗號等)...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • write: vt (wrote 〈古語〉 writ; written 〈古語〉 writ)1 寫,記,錄,抄,謄;填寫;簽發;簽訂;簽署。2 ...

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  1. Summarize : multi - input, can be used cooperate with various sensors / transducers, measure 、 display and alarm control the physical quantities such as temperature 、 humidity 、 liquid level and flux # 118alues and transform them to export, can read and write all parameters via the computer through serial communication, besides it can offer 24vdc power supply for 2 - wire transducers, four - bit led displaying, the multi - segment curve correcting function is selectable, one meter can equip four alarm relay outputs 、 one transform ( or communication ) output and one equipped power supply outputs

    萬能輸入,可與各類傳感器、變送器配合使用,實現溫度、濕度、壓力、液位、流量等物理量的測量、顯示、報警控制和變送輸出;通過串列通信口,可在上位計算機中實現全部儀表參數的讀寫;還可為兩線制變送器提供24vdc電源; 4位高亮度led數字顯示;對輸入信號有多段折線修正功能可選;一臺儀表最多可配4個報警繼電器輸出、一路變送(或通信)輸出和一路配電輸出。
  2. On bogutcharovo a trained midwife had been engaged at his expense to assist the peasant - women in childbirth, and a priest, at a fixed salary, was teaching the children of the peasants and house servants to read and write

  3. More specifically, it limits users from following untrusted symbolic links created in certain directories and limits users from creating hard links to files they don t have read and write access to

  4. Lock _ ex an exclusive lock. this denies all other processes both read and write access to the file

  5. Focusing on a 64 - bit high - performance general purpose microprocessor with fully independent intellectual property, the thesis investigates a 128 - word 65 - bit general register file with 12 - read and 8 - write ports which is a representational one for its large - scale and multi - port characteristics in that microprocessor, and realizes its full custom design with high speed in read and write access. from the layout simulation result, under the 0. 18um process, the upper limit working frequency for the register file is 900mhz

    本文面向一款具有完全自主知識產權的64位高性能通用處理器,對其中具有代表性的128字65位12讀埠和8寫埠的通用寄存器文件進行研究,實現了它的高速讀寫全定製設計,版圖模擬結果表明,在0 . 18um工藝下,設計可以工作的時鐘頻率上限為900mhz 。