exigent machine check中文意思是什麼

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  • exigent: adj. 1. 緊急的,危急的。2. (生活)艱苦的;苛求的。
  • machine: n 1 機(器),機械;機關,機構。2 印刷機器;縫紉機;打字機;汽車;自行車;三輪車;飛機;〈美俚〉...
  • check: n 1 (象棋)將軍( ),被將軍的局面。2 (突然的)妨礙[制止,阻止];停頓,挫折;【打獵】(獵狗聞不...

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  1. The 3d coordinate measurement machine form usa, universal tool microscope from germany, intellectual flatness check device, metalloid graphic analyzer, electric and pneumatic measurement instruments and high performance steering test equipment ensure the products quality and play the important role for the products development

  2. The buyer for our mill run machines, we will check test the ore for free and will give u the suggestion of best choice for the machine

  3. The paper introduces a method of design and realization that is based on the single chip computer 8051, which adopts straight line grating sensor and realizes the three - coordinate high accuracy system of dynamic check and displacement measurement of nc machine

  4. The beacon receiver tester studied in this paper is a part of domestic ground check equipments of the some type airplane that our army imported from abroad. it is a new type of general - service check machine, and it can check if the work of various types of airborne beacon receiver testers is normal fleetly and accurately. thus, not only the operate personnel can be reduced to one person, but also the check time is short, and the check efficiency is high

  5. Irrigation techniques - reel machine systems - part 4 : check list of users requirements