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  1. Qualitative tests are those that are expected to lead either to more testing or to abandonment of the project.

  2. The actual cost was much higher than we had expected

  3. The expected adduct 100 was not stable and appeared to undergo further reaction to the spiro intermediate 101.

  4. Aleurone grain ( aleurone body ) a modified vacuole found in the embryo and endosperm of seeds and containing mostly reserve proteins, but also phytic acid and various enzymes associated with mobilization ( digestion ) of these reserves

    糊粉粒(糊粉體) :在種子胚或胚乳中發現的經過修飾的液泡,裡面包含許多儲藏蛋白,植酸和各種各樣的酶。
  5. Cic ' s pursuit of more - lucrative investment channels is expected to diminish china ' s demand for u. s. government debt, although given the growth of china ' s reserves, its treasury purchases are certain to continue