experinment-repetition theorem中文意思是什麼

experinment-repetition theorem解釋

  • repetition: n. 1. 反復,重復;重說,再講;背誦;背誦文[詩];再現,再演。2. 【音樂】復唱,復奏,重奏。3. 副本,拷貝;模仿物。反復的。
  • theorem: n. 1. (能證明的)一般原理,公理,定律,法則。2. 【數學】定理。

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  1. Theorem 4. 5 if locally soluble group g is c * ( w ) - group, then the chief factor of g is elementary abelian

  2. The admissibility theorem under symmetric entropy loss function

  3. Herefrom the author in this paper will disclose certain characteristics of words and expressions in english for the law in several aspects : the use of general vocabulary in professional meaning, repetition of words, latin words and loanwords, terms of act and argot, and the application of semantic meaning and expressive manner to fill advantage

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  5. Second, we discuss composition operators on bloch space with closed range. by using a distortion theorem of bonk, minda and yanagihara about bloch functions, we obtain the sharp estimation of the lipschitz continuity of the dilation of bloch functions. then, we improve a theorem of ghatage, yan and zheng about composition operators on bloch space with closed range

    其次研究了bloch空間上有閉值域的復合運算元,先利用bonk 、 minda和yanagihara關于bloch函數的一個偏差定理,得到bloch函數伸縮率的lipschitz連續性的精確估計式,用這個估計式改進了ghatage 、 yan和zheng關于bloch空間上關于有閉值域的復合運算元的一個定理。