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  1. This paper makes a comparative study of proverbs in chinese and in english from five aspects, that is, historical development, national features, synonymous proverbs, antonymous proverbs, and main idiomatic patterns, in which the process of conquering nature and understanding mankind himself as well as the common features of human thinking and different cultural backgrounds are revealed

  2. From my perspective, the two most interesting books of " the apocrypha " are the wisdom of solomon and the wisdom of sirach - two very large collections of proverbs and wise sayings very comparable to the tao te ching by lao tzu. many people think that the bible as we know it was put together by jesus and the apostles during the 1st century ad but, that s definitely not so

  3. Wangtsailiao and tingtoue sandbars reveal shocking evidence of the rapid degradation of taiwan s coasts. hsu hsien - ping, a guide at the salt country culture and history workshop, says that tingtoue sandbar used to be home for thousands of egrets and other birds, but noisy tourists frightened the egrets away, leaving only the signs explaining their natural history, erected next to the beefwood forest by the tainan county wild bird society, as a poignant reminder

  4. With head bent and legs planted wide apart, he began explaining to anna pavlovna why he considered the abbs scheme chimerical. we will talk of it later, said anna pavlovna, smiling

  5. Correspondent dan cordtz once completed a script explaining that government deficits and increasing money supply caused inflation.