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  • explosive: adj 1 爆炸(性)的,爆發(性)的。2 暴躁的。3 【語言學】爆破音的。4 極易引起爭論的。n 1 易爆炸物...
  • capacity: n 1 包容力,吸收力,收容力。2 容積,容量;【電學】電容,負載量。3 能力,才幹,本領;性能,機能。4...

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  1. When the tray loses its absorptive capacity, it is removed from the system.

  2. Knowledge absorptive capacity and diversification

  3. Standard practice for determination of adsorptive capacity of activated carbon by a micro - isotherm technique for adsorbates at ppb concentrations

  4. The group has technology strength, excellent equipment, advanced man ufacturing process, complete test methods and rather strong capacity to develop and produce new products

  5. In this paper at last. the localized anti - collapsing effect of the cave depot of single aircraft under the explosive load is calculated and analyzed. the explosive result shows that 3d ripped steel plate and ribbed shell structure are effective to raise the capacity of anti - collapsing of the protective structures