exposure control stripe中文意思是什麼

exposure control stripe解釋

  • exposure: n. 1. 曝露;曝曬;揭發。2. 【攝影】曝光;膠卷[軟片]張數;曝光時間。3. (房屋的)朝向,方位。4. 商品的陳列。5. 【歷史】(嬰兒的)曝棄。
  • control: n 1 支配,管理,管制,統制,控制;監督。2 抑制(力);壓制,節制,拘束;【農業】防治。3 檢查;核...
  • stripe: n 1 條紋,條子。2 (人的)類型;類別。3 〈 pl 〉【軍事】軍服上表示等級的條紋。4 犯人穿的橫條囚衣...

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  1. Other than paying attension to these areas during the operation, the author believes there are several points for the effective removal of cholesteatoma : 1 ) use of open or open - closed method for mastoidectomy ; 2 ) incision made over some safe site on the cholestratoma sac to remove its content beforehand, which will fascilitate the elevation of matrix after wards : 3 ) exposure of the fallopian canal in the tympanic cavity before lowering down the facial ridge ; 4 ) care be taken of pediatric cholesteatoma ; 5 ) good control of blood pressure and bleeding during the operation ; and 6 ) illumination

  2. The men exercised on a treadmill after each exposure and control period.

  3. In our laboratory, a unique mutation detection system using a shuttle vector plasmid has been established to demonstrate that a low concentration of mnng ( 0. 2 m ) can induce nontargeted mutation in mammalian cells : the mammalian cells were exposed to 0. 2m mnng for 2. 5h, then a shuttle plasmid pz189 carrying supf trna gene was transfected into cells after 24h culture. we found a 5 - fold higher mutation frequency of the plasmid replicated in pretreated cells than the spontaneous mutation frequency of the plasmid replicated in control cells. this kind of mutation did not occur immediately after mnng exposure

    我們實驗室曾用一特殊的突變檢測系統,直接證明dna損傷劑可在哺乳動物細胞誘發非定標性突變:首先用低濃度( 0 . 2 m )的短壽烷化劑mnng (半壽期為1 . 1hr )處理細胞2 . 5h后,繼續培養24h ,將重組有用作突變檢測的靶基因supftrna基因的穿梭質粒pz189轉入細胞復制,發現在未受致癌物直接攻擊的穿梭質粒中有較自發突變率高5倍以上的靶基因突變。
  4. Infection control in hospitals has also been stepped up, and visitors to hospitals are prohibited to minimize exposure

  5. Konica minolta s dry micro - toning system, optical technology and electronic automatic exposure control system combine to ensure superior image quality print after print