音標 [iks'pəuʒə]
n. 名詞 1. 曝露;曝曬;揭發。
2. 【攝影】曝光;膠卷[軟片]張數;曝光時間。
3. (房屋的)朝向,方位。
4. 商品的陳列。
5. 【歷史】(嬰兒的)曝棄。


    1. Based on information of the source term and meteorological conditions, the acas models the transport and dispersion of the radioactive plume and predicts the associated exposure

    2. In order to elaborate the app licability of osl to loess, especially single aliquot regenerative protocol ( sar ), involving stimulation of the same disc with an infra - red laser diode followed by blue leds to polymineralic fine - grains of loess, such explanations as light bleaching, preheat, anomalous fading, prior - ir exposure were investigated in this paper. for drawing adequate coarse grains from loess, quartz and feldspars, as well as loess, were etched by hydrofluoric acid and fluorosilicic acid. the sequence of ages of holocene loess in weihe rivier basin has been established by single - aliquot ( sar ) and multiple - aliquot using fine - grains and sar using coarse - grains

      本文通過渭河流域全新世黃土的光曬退實驗,地表黃土樣品的d _ e值測定,細顆粒單片的預熱、反常衰退、紅外暴露實驗,說明釋光測年在全新世黃土中應用的可行性及單片再生劑量法( sar )在黃土細顆粒中的適用性;為了從黃土中分離出足夠的粗顆粒,進行了純石英和長石的氫氟酸( hf )和氟硅酸( h _ 2sif _ 6 )溶蝕實驗,黃土粗顆粒石英溶蝕分離實驗;通過細顆粒單片、多片的blsl 、 irsl和post - irosl ,熱釋光,及粗顆粒石英的blsl的年代測定,選擇適于全新世黃土的釋光測年方法,並建立了渭河流域全新世黃土的年代序列。
    3. Comprehensive cellular responses was found in human amnion fl cells following exposure to low concentration of mnng, such as the lowering of dna replication fidelity resulted from alteration of dna polymerase profile ; activation of a lot of transcription factors, such as api, creb, nf - kb etc ; clustering of egfr ( epidermal growth factor receptor ) and tnfr ( tumor necrosis factor receptor ) and activation of camp - pka - creb and jnk / sapk signal pathways

      我們發現,低劑量mnng處理后的人羊膜fl細胞有廣泛的細胞反應,並有多個信號轉導通路的激活和基因表達的改變。例如dna復制保真度下降, dna聚合酶譜發生改變,應用報告基因技術和底物磷酸化檢出技術證明細胞一系列轉錄因子如ap1 、 creb 、 nf b等被激活,細胞表面受體如表皮生長因子受體、腫瘤壞死因子受體發生聚簇,細胞信號轉導通路camp - pka - creb和jnk sapk被激活。
    4. Vergoz et al. ( p. 348 see the perspective by galizia ) found that exposure to queen pheromone leads to a reduction in aversive learning but not a reduction in appetitive learning in young honeybees

    5. Standard practice for operating xenon arc light apparatus for exposure of non - metallic materials