express message中文意思是什麼

express message解釋

  • express: vt 1 表示,表現,表達 〈cf suppress; impress〉。2 【數學】用符號表示。3 榨出,壓出。4 用快郵寄出...
  • message: n 1 通信;口信;問候;祝詞;訊,消息,情報,電報,通報;【物理學】信息;【生物學】遺傳密碼單位〈...

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  1. If an addresser has received any confirmation of the addressee on the receiving, the data message shall be regarded as having been received

  2. We gave them the opportunity to express their feelings, to affirm themselves.

  3. The real banking - house by temple bar, the real business of the past day, the real strong - rooms, the real express sent after him, and the real message returned, would all be there

  4. Given that america is the only superpower, and such a bad - ass one, yet after receiving our nation ' s leaders ' message of consolences, it should also have returned the call to express condolences

  5. The crown of peacock ' s feathers leads to a further revelation : that it is the music of the heart which can be expressed through the head ; it is the knowledge of the head and the love of the heart that together fully express the divine message