1. The guling magical wine is exquisitely made by adopting and extracting from more than ten species of animals and rare chinese medicinal herb, such as tortoise, barbary wolfberry fruit, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, red date, prickly ant, cobra, desertliving cistanche, barrenwort, tangshen, tokay, honeybee, ginseng, gutta - percha and rhodiola root, and blending with good quality rice wine, through the combination of ancient wine - making method and modern technology

    2. She was somewhat beautiful, and exquisitely formed - a little fairy - like figure, with large curls falling on her neck, which was rather too long, as perugino sometimes makes his virgins, and her eyes dull from fatigue. she was said to have a weak chest, and like antonia in the " cremona violin, " she would die one day while singing

    3. Had kind fate but willed her to be born a gentlewoman of high degree in her own right and had she only received the benefit of a good education gerty macdowell might easily have held her own beside any lady in the land and have seen herself exquisitely gowned with jewels on her brow and patrician suitors at her feet vying with one another to pay their devoirs to her

    4. The tortoise, snake and tokay wine is exquisitely made by adopting rare animal of guangxi such as tortoise, tokay, krait and cobra etc. and blending with varied rare traditional chinese medicine like chinese angelica, tangshen and barbary wolfberry fruit and good quality rice wine

    5. Works well - designed, skillfully carved italian, a lifelike sculpture garden, vivid detail, it may play in the water chasing gloria, the sweet murmur distinctive appearance, is the envy of people, the two lovers are distributed back a little green and white, more exquisitely charming, op using the above comes the meticulous carvings attendants the beautifully atmospheric leaves, the delicate vein smooth, crafted natural that comes to the distribution attendants reasonable superb, the leaves among the cleverest black jade carved out of two removable small lifelike frogs, picked clean natural colors, more vivid realism