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extended relational memory解釋

  • extended: adj. 1. 伸開的,展開的。2. 延長的,繼續的。3. (勢力)擴大的;擴張的;(意思)引伸的。4. 【印刷】(鉛字)寬體的。
  • relational: adj. 有關系的;親戚的;(特指語法上)表示關系的。adv. -ly
  • memory: n. 1. 記憶;記憶力;【自動化】存儲器;信息存儲方式;存儲量。2. 回憶。3. 紀念。4. 死後的名聲,遺芳。5. 追想得起的年限[范圍]。

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  1. Xr ( extended recording ) movie gives you the power to record movie clips with sound for the entire length of the memory card

    Xr (延長錄影)短片拍攝功能可讓您拍攝有聲的短片片段,直至記憶卡容量載滿為止。
  2. We introduce detailly the its design ideal, merit, purpose and sql language and so on, then we discuss the problem of the design and implement of the v - ordbms. compared with other products, now, v - ordbms, which we are designing, is based on the relational database system for windows os, it extends the abstract data type, such as array, set, structure etc, we solve the store and all sorts of sql operation for these extended data type. otherwise, in v - ordbms, we provide the solution of how to realize the store of class, inherit, and the mapping of the relation among classes. etc. it provides the visual environment for using

    對比國外的postgresql , gemstone , 02等產品,目前我們設計的v - ordbms原型系統是基於windowsos的平臺,以關系數據庫為基礎,在支持傳統數據類型的基礎上擴展了抽象數據類型adt ( abstractdatatype ) ,例如數組、集合、結構等,解決了它們的存儲以及相應的各種sql操作,能夠支持復雜對象,所以它的數據類型豐富。
  3. Innovative service offerings include optional extended service agreements. 1. duplex printing with 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution requires extra memory

    1 .以1200 x 1200 dpi解析度進行雙面列印需要額外的內存
  4. Maximum : 1gb with extended memory

  5. 4 ) we study the keyword search for xml in relational databases, present two new inverted list indexes : extended inverted index based on containment relationship and inverted index based on schema

    4 )提出了兩種新的倒排索引技術,該倒排索引技術可應用於xml文檔的摘要檢索。