extension and renewal clause中文意思是什麼

extension and renewal clause解釋

  • extension: n 1 伸長,伸展,延長,延伸,擴展,擴大;廣度,范圍。2 延期;〈美國〉(房屋的)增建部分,(鐵路等...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • renewal: n. 1. 更新。2. 復活,恢復,復新。3. 再開始。4. 重做;(票據等的)更換;(契約等的)重訂,延期。
  • clause: n. 1. (章程、條約等的)條,項;條款。2. 【語法】子句,分句,主謂結構,從句。

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  1. The analysis on the protection and renewal of the traditional arcaded commercial street block in guangzhou

  2. Variation ratio of dimensional after water rinse, ultimate strength, neps and pile, tearing resistance, bursting strength, joint strength, commissure ' s swerve strength, fabric shift ( slip ), ventilate degree, elasticity ( resilient rate / deformation rate ), anti - water permeability ( hydrostatic pressure ), extension and resilience, abrasive resistance, gets wet the nature, hydroscopicity, stock ' s transverse ductility, fire resistance, antistatic

    水洗尺寸變化率(縮水) ,斷裂強力,起毛起球,撕破強力,彈子頂破強力,脹破強度接縫強力,縫口脫開程度,紗線滑移性能(滑脫) ,透氣量,彈性(回復率/變形率) ,抗滲水性(靜水壓) ,延伸及回復性,耐磨性,沾水性,吸水性,襪子橫向延伸,阻燃性能,抗靜電。
  3. Based on the analysis on the extension of main rice varieties ( > 6. 7 thousand hectares ) from 1986 to 2003, the extension trend of rice varieties in china indicated that the number of varieties for extending increased significantly, the average extension acreage of rice varieties decreased significantly, the varieties with large extension acreage ( > 666. 7 thousand hectares ) became less and less, the percentage with cross - province extension and renewal speed of dominant rice varieties ( > 66. 7 thousand hectares ) kept basically steady

    摘要對1986 - 2003年全國水稻主要推廣品種的分析表明, 「七五」以來中國水稻品種推廣趨向表現為:品種數量明顯增加,單個品種年均推廣面積顯著下降,大面積推廣品種逐漸減少,主栽品種跨省推廣比例及更新速度基本穩定。
  4. Meantime, through the analyses of " infinite extension of rights " and " finite extension of rights ", the author thinks " finite extension of rights " should be adopted in our country and other developing countries. considering the social interests, benefits of layout - design ' s authors, interests of developing countries and renewal of integrated circuit technology, the author points out that 10 years in protection of layout - design is somewhat long

    在權利內容方面,復制權和商業利用權的規定也頗有特色,而且,在當今世界,存在著權利效力范圍的「權利有限延伸論」和「權利無限測申論」之爭,無論從集成電路發展的狀況,還是從布圖設計權產生的條件,我國及廣大發展中國家都應采「權利有限延伸論」 。
  5. The teacher specialty development discusses teachers " development under certificating teacher occupation being regarded as a profession. it is perpetual extension and renewal of specialty framework of the teacher on the base of his specialty development consciousness and on supporting of external specialty development background