external dummy control section中文意思是什麼

external dummy control section解釋

  • external: adj 1 外部的,外面的;【哲學】外界的,客觀的,物質的。2 表面上的 (opp intrinsic); 膚淺的,淺薄...
  • dummy: n 1 〈口語〉啞巴;經常沉默的人。2 掛名代表;傀儡。3 (櫥窗中的)模型人;(拍電影用的)假人;人形...
  • control: n 1 支配,管理,管制,統制,控制;監督。2 抑制(力);壓制,節制,拘束;【農業】防治。3 檢查;核...
  • section: n 1 (外科、解剖的)切斷;切割;切開。2 【外科】切片,【金相】磨石。3 (果子的)瓣。4 【數學】截...

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  1. Button in the anonymous access and authentication control section

  2. Finally, it sets about it ' s task by the view of the regulation and policy arrangment from the internal and external parts. it presents that we must lower the government ' s effection as the national capital ' s representatives, strength it ' s function as the stock supervisior ; solve the problem of circulating for government share by the means of supervision for the control commission, tighten up the external ' s control over the internal by devoting efforts to gather more institution inverstor and enforcing the withdrawing method

  3. The production management section expounds some methods of the production classified management and the dynamic management, on the base of the analysis of reservoir value, it gives a control model. the cost control section uses the headstream control idea, introduces the classified cost management and the dynamic supervision model. the benefits evaluation section introduces the principle and the index system of the economic benefits evaluation, then it describes some evaluate methods of wells, cut stages and crews separately

  4. Lists each affected external variable, control, or file, and the effect it has only if it is not obvious

  5. Based on discussion, the significance of the paper is summarized and the main contents of the paper are listed. 2. some schemes are compared in the design of mcu - based protection equipment ' s control section

    數據採集方面,比較了vfc與逐次逼近型a / d ,片內a刃與片外a了d的優缺點,考慮到將來的功能擴展和通用性設計了本裝置的數據採集系統。