external eye exam中文意思是什麼

external eye exam解釋

  • external: adj 1 外部的,外面的;【哲學】外界的,客觀的,物質的。2 表面上的 (opp intrinsic); 膚淺的,淺薄...
  • eye: n (pl eyes 〈古語〉 eyen )1 眼睛,目。 blind in one eye =lose an eye 一目失明。 compound eyes ...
  • exam: n. 〈口語〉考試 (=examination)。

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  1. They laughed at order and at law, but the frown of power dejected, and the eye of wisdom abashed them.

  2. A total of 770 hair samples from 78 dogs and 32 cats were cultivated to isolate fungus on sabouraud medium and dermatophyte test medium from january 2002 to march 2003 in veterinary teaching hospital of china agricultural university. all hair samples were collected from seven points of the pets : the right carpus, the lateral corner of right eye, the external canal of right ear, the dorsal of right ear base, dorsal, ventral and caudal

  3. Students were either happy or miserable about their losses or gains in weight, respectively ; some were pointing to the left while saying " right " during the eye exam, others got scared of having their blood taken and hid their faces to avoid looking at the blood containers and syringes

  4. Eye exam ! eye exam ! eye exam

  5. With frequent news about china ' s fake diplomas and exam cheating, american graduate schools are beginning to eye chinese applicants with suspicion