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  • external: adj 1 外部的,外面的;【哲學】外界的,客觀的,物質的。2 表面上的 (opp intrinsic); 膚淺的,淺薄...
  • perspective: adj (按照)透視畫法的;透視的。 a perspective drawing 透視畫。 a perspective glass 望遠鏡。n 1 ...
  • center: n vt vi 〈美國〉=centre n 1 中心;中心點;圓心;中央;中樞,核心;中心人物;根源,起源。2 〈常C ...

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  1. Center for external economy cooperation, moa

  2. I argue that a multidimensional perspective is needed to explain why clusters grow and how they reproduce themselves, emphasizing issues of institutions, culture, power and external relations ( bathelt, 2004 )

  3. Firstly, by an in - depth study on chinese commercial banking and their foreign counterparts, this paper points out the great differences of intermediate business innovation between chinese and western commercial banks regarding innovation products variety, scale, technology, etc. secondly, comparing the institution regarding intermediate business innovation and microeconomic - body behavior of chinese commercial banking with foreign ones within an analysis framework from the perspective of institutional economics and game theories, this paper shows that a number of reasons account for the emerging of intermediate business innovation, including external economic environments as well as internal factors within the financial system and technology, among which the institutional factors within the financial system being the most important. at the same time, by comparison with western developed countries " counterparts, the innovation of chinese banking institution lags far behind the development of banking business in main aspects of property rights, managerial system, compensation arrangement and organization system. thus, the backward innovation of banking institutions and twisting microeconomic - body behavior seriously strict intermediate business innovation

    本文首先通過對中外商業銀行進行較為深入的調查研究指出,與西方發達國家商業銀行相比,我國商業銀行中間業務創新無論是在業務創新品種、規模上還是在技術手段上,都存在著巨大差距;其次,運用制度學分析和博弈分析框架將中外商業銀行中間業務創新制度及微觀主體行為進行比較得出:商業銀行中間業務創新產生的原因有多種,如外部經濟環境因素、金融體系內部因素和技術因素等,其中最根本的是金融體系內部的制度性因素;與西方發達國家商業銀行制度相比,我國銀行制度創新遠遠落後于銀行業務的發展,主要表現在產權制度、經營制度、分配製度和組織制度等方面;銀行制度創新的滯后及其微觀主體行為的扭曲嚴重製約著中間業務創新,尤其是我國銀行產權關系不明晰,在國有獨資產權框架下政府? ?行長及上級行長? ?下級行長兩種委託代理行為帶來了嚴重的問題,導致了我國銀行中間業務創新動力不足。
  4. Regulations for external controls and incentives related to sme start ups and their incubation centers include the following : pointers for financial assistance for the establishment of public and private incubation centers, the table of amendments on government assistance allocation standards for incubation centers, procedures for loans that promote industry research development, pointers for the selection of excellent incubation center managers, statutes for promoting industrial upgrading, rules of law for the promotion of private participation in infrastructure projects, and the establishment and management of agricultural and science - based parks act, etc

  5. Based on the analysis of external and internal enviroment of cpic " s products. it " s forwarded the differnization through swot under cheap cost should be adopted by chongqing polycomp international corporation for its fiberglass products competion and development strategy. hence cpic should enlarges its production scale gains scale benefit, strengthens its international distribution and construction of domestic sales net, establishs the first class r & d center, wenkens its sizing sales