音標 [iks'trækʃən]
n. 名詞 1. 抽出,拔出。
2. 【化學】提取(法);萃取(法);回收物,提出物;精煉。
3. 精選,摘要。
4. 血統,家世,出身。
5. 【數學】開方,求根。


    1. As the kid chymosin was extracted by the traditional way and the buffering way at different ph values, its activity mainly depended on the salt concentration, extraction time and temperature, the ratio of buffer and abomasums and extraction times

    2. Small incision nonphacoemulsification extracapsular cataract extraction associated with ciliarotomy for cataract with acute angle - closure glaucoma

    3. Frame # 15 : left arm adduction is nearly complete as the right leg begins to kick to eventually counter - balance left arm extraction

    4. Viral rnas were extracted from virus - infected allantoic fluids using qiaamp mini - extraction kits. after reverse transcription, cdna was amplified using specific primers for each gene segment

      用qiagen的rneasyrna試劑盒提取病毒rna后,逆助興才李醫『筍脂碩聖『老『才轉錄合成cdna 。
    5. Study on the antimicrobial activities of milpa alta extraction for bacterial skin infection