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  • eye: n (pl eyes 〈古語〉 eyen )1 眼睛,目。 blind in one eye =lose an eye 一目失明。 compound eyes ...
  • shield: n 1 盾;盾牌。2 罩;屏;屏蔽。3 防禦物;保護物。4 防禦;保護。5 保護者;庇護者[人]。6 盾形物;【...

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  1. The accident was over in the blink of an eye.

  2. One of the most striking phenomena of vision is the dark adaptation of the eye.

  3. For that he s all afire wi love for her any eye can see

    因為任何人都看得出來,他已經深深地愛上苔絲啦。 」
  4. Our main products comprise various types of plastic products such as export cement bag, flexible containing bags, rain - proof cloth, tent fiber, color square cloth, sun - shield shelter net, net - eye bags and weaving bags, etc.

  5. Where a biological safety cabinet is not available, then appropriate combinations of personal protective equipment ( e. g. disposable gloves, solid front gown with cuffed sleeves, eye protection, surgical mask or full - face shield, respirator ) and physical containment should be used according to the risk of aerosol generation and exposure

    若不能使用生物安全櫃,應按產生及接觸懸浮微粒的危險程度,使用個人防護設備(例如用完即棄手套、袖口可扣緊的向後扣連身袍、護眼設備、手術用口罩或覆蓋整個面部的面罩、呼吸器) ,並配合具體的感染控制設施。