=1. field artillery 野戰炮;野戰炮兵。
2. fine arts 美術。
3. Football Association (英國)足球協會。
4. field ambulance 戰地救護車;野戰救護隊。
5. first aid 【醫學】(對病人的)急救。
n. 名詞 【音樂】全音階的長音階第四音。


    1. The heat insulation quality is much better than the standard glass fa ? ade

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      . .你是不願意知道的。
    3. If disaster lies behind the fa ' cade

    4. Mystery of fine china ink and china writing brush - on fa can ' s huangshan trip and its influence on his paintings

    5. In order to solve the quality problems occured in using new wall materials, cheap fa - gbs dry - mixed mortar confected in the former stage is used to meliorate its performance

      摘要針對各種新型墻材在使用過程中出現的質量問題,採用前期配製的低成本fa - gbs乾粉砂漿進行改性。