fabian society中文意思是什麼

fabian society解釋

  • fabian: adj 1 古羅馬大將費邊 (Fabius) 式的,使敵人疲於奔命的,以逸待勞的,持久的 〈cf Fabius〉 2 費邊社...
  • society: n. 1. 社會。2. 會,社;協會,學會,公會,團體。3. 交際,社交;社交界〈特指上流社會〉;社交場所。4. 群居,群棲。5. 〈美國〉教區居民。
  1. Fellowship, american association for the advancement of science aaas, the world s largest general scientific society, in 2006

    二零零六年獲全球最大的科學學會美國科學促進學會( american association for the advancement of science ,簡稱aaas )推選為院士
  2. This periodical, poe thought, abetted new england writers in maintaining a mutual admiration society. in a review of lowell's “fable for critics” he burst out.

  3. Mckay, hill, buckler, a history of western society ii : from absolutism to the present ( a western civ textbook, for background reading

    《西洋社會史ii :從絕對主義迄今》 ,一本西方文明教科書,作為了解時代背景的讀物。
  4. About the issue of islam ' s acclimatizing itself to china ' s society : from the angle of cultural identification of hui

  5. In an acquisitive society the form that selfishness predominantly takes is monetary greed