fabric glove中文意思是什麼

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  • fabric: n. 1. 構造物,建築物;工廠;結構;(社會等的)組織;【地質學;地理學】組構。2. 編織品,織物;纖維品;織法;質地。adj. -able 可成型的,可塑造的。
  • glove: n 1 手套(一般指五指分開的。 cf mitten)。2 棒球手套;拳擊手套 (= boxing glove)。vt 1 給戴手套...

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  1. Frosting occurs when two fibers differing in both color and abrasion resistance are combined in a fabric.

  2. Thus the type and magnitude of abrasive stresses that a fabric must withstand during use will vary with the type of garment or article.

  3. It was the most elegant chamber in the flat, for it was hung with some light - colored fabric and contained a cheval glass framed in inlaid wood, a lounge chair and some others with arms and blue satin upholsteries

  4. Dog leashes, baby carriages and horse blankets glow with reflectors or florescent tape and fabric

  5. The case and bag trade is an important component of the chinese leather trade. it is made up of the leather surface fabric and the processed leather surface fabric leatheroid, synthetic leather, plastics, textile surface fabric, etc. case, bag, glove, wallet, belt and other leather goods