音標 ['fæbrikeit]
vt. 及物動詞 1. 構成;組成;〈美國〉製作,建造。
2. 捏造,偽造,杜撰。
3. 創立(理論等)。
n. 名詞 -cation ,-cator n. 名詞 1. 捏造者。
2. 裝配工;修整工。
3. 金屬加工廠。


    1. Then after analysising each characteristics of phosphate glass material, the fiber rod - in - tube by invaginating core rod, inside cladding and outside cladding is used to fabricate the er / yb phosphate glass fiber successfully by polishing and vacuumizing fiber rod - in - tube. finally some techniques, such as cladding pump, prism coupling pump and fusing pump are used to measure the gain of fiber amplifiers

    2. Blewett and others may fabricate lies to cheat some people for sometime, but not for a long time

    3. The resistivity of the films drops compared with the as - grown films, but the temperature of maximum magnetoresistance reaches 287k, very close to the room temperature. therefore it is not only an important improvement to fabricate the cmr bolometer which can work near room temperature, but also a prospective research for other applications such as magnetic - sensors, spintronics devices and infrared detectors

      同時,退火后薄膜的電阻率明顯下降,外加5t磁場時,最大磁電阻率溫度點上升到287k ,接近於室溫,這不僅為製作室溫超巨磁電阻測輻射熱儀打下了堅實的基礎,也為其它許多器件的應用提供了可能。
    4. The organization structure of corporation group is the fashion of arranges and fabricate of the member corporations and dynamic relationship of them

    5. The pressureless infiltration technique means that the spontaneous infiltration of the refined molten al or al - si alloy into the power bed, contains the filler reinforcement particle and k2tip4, occurred at 900 to fabricate sicp / al or sicp / al - si composites, without the aid of any externally applied pressure or vacuum, only by its gravity