faccimile system for private use中文意思是什麼

faccimile system for private use解釋

  • system: n 1 體系,系統;分類法;組織;設備,裝置。2 方式;方法;作業方法。3 制度;主義。4 次序,規律。5 ...
  • for: FOR f o r = free on rail 【商業】火車上交貨(價格)。1 〈表示目標、去向〉向,往。 leave [sail] f...
  • private: adj 1 私的,私人的,個人的,私用的,專用的。2 秘密的;保密的;非公開的;(信件等)親啟的。3 (財...
  • use: n 1 使用,利用,應用;使用的機會[需要]。2 使用的能力。3 使用的自由,使用權。4 使用法。5 用途;效...

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  2. It ' s an important reason that iimits the vav system for agreater use

  3. The information on this web page is for private use only. reproduction for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited

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    珠寶零售系統pos system店鋪適用
  5. Next, to danger of loss of car of domestic for private use, the proposal purchases value according to new car 120 thousand yuan are cast protect, compensate of full specified amount is obtained to pay when so ok and reasonable compensate