face down中文意思是什麼

face down解釋
adv. 動詞 副詞 面朝下地。
2. n. 名詞 〈美口〉= face off. 3. 攤牌。

  • face: n 1 臉,面孔;面貌,樣子;面子,威信。2 愁容,苦臉;〈口語〉老面皮,厚臉皮。3 外觀,形勢,局面。4...
  • down: adv (downmost)1 向下(面);下,降;在下(面)。 come down 下來;下(樓)來;(雨等)落下。 The...

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  1. We must face down every aggressor.

  2. Spread your arms and iegs. - no, you iie face down

    ? ?把胳膊腿分開? ?不,你才趴下
  3. Spread your arms and legs. - no, you lie face down

    ? ?把胳膊腿分開? ?不,你才趴下
  4. The corpse lay face down in a pool of blood

  5. Arrange the mushrooms, face down, in a big soup bowl in the shape of a crescent moon, arrange the oily gluten on the other side, put the bamboo shoots in the middle, add bamboo shoot soup, salt and msg, steam for 10 minutes

    鍋留底油,放姜絲和配料,加鹽味精料酒鮮湯燒開后勾芡,倒入「蝦仁」 ,顛兩下裝盤,用眼紅櫻桃圍邊即成。