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  • fair: n 1 〈英國〉定期集市,廟會。2 義賣市場。3 商品展覽會,展銷會,商品交易會。adj 1 〈古詩〉美麗的;...
  • consideration: n. 1. 考慮,考察;討論,商量。2. 照顧,關心;體諒,體恤。3. 報酬,補償。4. 尊敬,敬意。5. 原因,理由;須考慮到的事實[問題];理由。6. 〈罕用語〉重要性。

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  1. Starting from the definition of consideration, the paper states the theoretical and legal basis of consideration, and makes comparison between consideration and compensation. the content contains : ( 1 ) consideration is an important concept in the british and american law of contract ; ( 2 ) when nonnegotiable share turns to be negotiable, the price of negotiable share will decrease. therefore, if this action occurs, nonnegotiable shareholders should make promise to protect negotiable shareholders ’ benefits ; ( 3 ) shareholder structure premium is the basic theoretical basis of consideration payment ; ( 4 ) consideration is a reasonable compensation which contract beneficiary gives to sufferer, according to the fair principle of the civil law

    對價從法律上看是一種等價有償的允諾關系,而從經濟學的角度說,對價就是利益沖突的雙方處于各自利益最優狀況的要約而又互不被對方接受時,通過兩個或兩個以上平等主體之間的妥協關系來解決這一沖突; ( 2 )把對價運用於股權分置改革,其基本含義是未來非流通股轉為可流通時,由於會導致流通股股價下跌,因此,流通股股東同意非流通股可流通的同時,非流通股股東也要對這一行為發生時將充分保護流通股股東的利益不受損作出相應承諾; ( 3 )股權分置溢價是支付對價的基
  2. If no quotation for the portion whose recognition has not been stopped is available in the active market and if there is no actual transaction price relating to it, it shall be determined based on the residual amount deducting the consideration of the portion whose recognition has been stopped from the entire fair value of the transferred financial asset

  3. Study on the priority in efficiency and gire consideration to fair principle

  4. Provide retiree not pay is basic medical treatment insurance premium, basically have the consideration of 3 respects, be the property decision that is sure by social medical treatment, insurance of social medical treatment should be reflected help each other in all aid, healthy person helps ailing person, retired worker is average sicken is more, it is the weak force crowd that need society takes care of ; 2 it is for balanced company load, offer the opportunity of fair competition for the enterprise, participate in market competition ; 3 it is to consider retiree is during the job previously, had made contribution for the society, the income after retiring is low, the worker that has retired now especially, accumulate without what be used enoughly at medical treatment defray, medical treatment burden is heavier

  5. The simulation results show that guarantee capability for the drop and play - out outage ratio of the proposed scheme outperforms the modified - largest weighted delay first algorithm and exponent proportional fair algorithm, which only take the head - of - line delay into consideration