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  • family: n 1 家,家庭;〈集合詞〉家庭成員,家屬,子女;親屬。2 氏族,家族,親族。3 〈美國〉閣員,(特指國...
  • financial: adj. 1. 財政(上)的,財務(上)的,金融(上)的。2. (會員)繳費的〈cf. honorary〉。adv. -ly
  • planning: n. 計劃,規劃。 an overall planning 全面規劃。

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  1. I undertake to pay to amtd financial planning ltd. all the premiums relating to my insurance coverage under the insurance policy when they become due and payable

  2. Based on the analysis of financial assets, savings, debt, income and expenditure, etc. in family finance with its essence as a starting point, the paper tells the common rule in family financial activity and social financial activity and further explains the characteristics of chinese family finance and the problems that lie in it, after which the author puts forward relevant measure to solve it and gives us his opinions

  3. Their family financial circumstances are from bad to worse.

  4. To gain a better return on the capital invested while securing hard - earned savings is the top priority of most older adults in their financial planning. bea " elder savings insurance " is the perfect way to both grow and safeguard your wealth

  5. Financial planning officer