fan-hua meng中文意思是什麼

fan-hua meng解釋
者 孟繁華

  • fan: n 1 扇子;風扇,鼓風機。2 簸箕;揚谷機;(風車的)定風翼;【航空】螺旋槳,螺旋槳葉片。3 扇狀物(...
  • meng: 門河

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  1. Complete aegis electric circuit of intelligence take the fan to spread out the heat

  2. Of all the many kinds of films ho meng - hua directed for the shaw brothers, quite possible his most popular worldwide was the flying guillotine. while he did not direct its like - titled sequel, he did helm this great spinning beheader follow - up, which critics considered among his best. it stars the gorgeous chen ping the miniskirt gang, lady exterminator as the fearless title character who takes on an entire flying guillotine gang, despite the fact that shes pregnant

  3. Multi - kind of load simulations on the electrical driving exprement study peng an - hong1, liu gang2, meng fan - gang

  4. The optimal harvesting policies that maximized the sustainable yield for nonautonomous single - species harvesting models, which had a unique globally asymptotically stable periodic solution, were obtained by fan meng [ 15 ] and li hailong [ 16 ]

    文獻[ 15 ] [ 16 ]討論了非自治單種群捕獲模型,在周期解存在唯一及全局漸近穩定前提下,為獲得最大可持續捕獲量,而得到最優捕獲策略
  5. 12. on january 10, 1952, government agents arrested and then deported eight filmmakers, including sima wensen, liu qiong, shu shi, qi wenshao, yang hua, ma kwok - leung, shen ji and di fan. two days later, bai chen and jiang wei met the same fate

    12 . 1952年1月10日,香港政府入屋拘捕並驅逐了司馬文森劉瓊舒適聞韶楊華馬國亮沈寂及狄梵等八名電影工作者出境五日後,白沉蔣偉相繼被遞解出境。