• far: adj (farther further; farthest furthest )1 遠隔的;離得遠的,上遠路的,長途的。2 較遠的,遠處的...
  • outer: adj. (superl. outermost)1. 外的,外部的,外面的;外側的。2. 【哲學】客觀外界的;物質的。3. 遠離中心的。n. 靶子環外的部分;環外命中。


  1. There is no news about this matter so far.

  2. The outer adjacent gain peaks are well separated from each other when the minimal spacing between dressed states is far larger than the atomic decay rates

  3. The main body of the work and the conclusions achieved thus far are hence given below as follows : 1. combining on fact thing of the pilgrim rolling unit, educed that the betterment is the strategic realism question about its life and death, via the analyzed in detail the inner and outer competitive environment in seamless steel tube industry

    本文運用現代戰略和管理思想對對周期軋管機組存在的問題進行了深入分析。論文的主要研究工作和成果如下: 1結合周期軋管機組的實際情況,通過對無縫鋼管行業內、外競爭環境的深入分析,得出周期軋管機組的改進問題是其生死存亡的戰略性現實問題。
  4. We are located in shanghai two blocks east of the outer ring road ( west ), and one block south of the yan an elevated freeway, not far from the wuzhong road and lianhua road intersection

  5. Because of the upper limit of the nuclear density, which prevents the core to compress too far, the collapsing inner core will bounce back outwards. this out - going inner core will collide with the in - coming outer core, which is collapsing rapidly. this collision will send off shock waves and create heavy elements, like uranium