fatal defects中文意思是什麼

fatal defects解釋

  • fatal: adj 1 命中注定的;避免不了的;必然的。2 生死[成敗]攸關的;致命的 (to) 3 毀滅性的;鑄成不可挽回...
  • defects: 布疵

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  1. It was associated with a serious side - effect of lactic acidosis ( buildup of lactic acid in the blood ) which could be fatal. it was banned in hong kong in 1985

  2. The flight paths of the aeroplanes crossed, with fatal results.

  3. This thesis firstly introduces new demands of aerial product logistics support under high - tech war and some defects of traditional logistics support, and puts forward a kind of system model of aerial product logistics support following data - sharing of cals, and emphasizes detm. secondly it sets forth application of step and xml in the ietm, researchs conversion of xml schema and relation schema, and simply researchs mapping of xml and express. afterword, a based - xml framework of info - transfer between different platform are presented, according to this framework, the author establish a archetypal system of helicopter information query system based xml and dbms

  4. Although ziyang city have a long history, but it have a young development of city construction, the environment landscape of city has many defects although it have many success, in this paper, through examined and analyzed the actuality of ziyang environment landscape, and applied the tenet of combine for theoretic and practice, and used for reference there homologies city ' s suffer and apologue. in this paper, it ' s researched from city ' s natural landscape system, man - made landscape system and dimensional landscape system, to instruct designing of ziyang city ' s landscape build, thus discover a feasible way for knap urban landscape build

  5. Adapting bidding without base price can overcome these defects, but at the same time some related environment must be constructed