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  • fault: n 1 過失,過錯;罪過,責任。2 缺點,缺陷,瑕疵。3 (獵狗的)失去嗅跡。4 【電學】故障,誤差;漏電...
  • tolerant: adj. 1. 忍受的;容忍的,原諒的,寬大的。2. 有耐藥性[力]的。
  • concept: n. 1. 【哲學】概念。2. 觀念,思想,意思,心意。

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  1. Because of no limitation to task granularity, ppa is especially suitable for scheduling fine granularity tasks ( also suitable for coarse and medium tasks of course ), consequently helpful theoretically and practically for studying task schedule algorithm for rtdcs. according to the principle of fault - tolerant scheduling, combined with characteristics of tft in rtdcs, the paper puts forward the scheduling model of tft, corresponding implementation mechanism and the dynamic fault - tolerant scheduling algorithm ( namely ftpb ) and analyzes its complexity, with experimental data and contrast table compared with other analogic algorithm

    結合實時分佈系統中容錯任務的特點,根據容錯調度原理,給出了容錯任務的調度模型、實現機制及動態容錯調度演算法ftpb ,並對演算法進行了復雜哈爾濱工程大學博士學位論文; ; ; ; ;二; ; ; ;奮石石奮; ;性分析,給出了演算法實驗數據及與其它同類演算法的比較結果。
  2. The paper will study the upper questions based on the two interconnection networks. first, we give a fault - tolerant routing algorithm under the connectivity of the crossed cube in o ( n ) time and the length of the longest routing path ; second, with the rapid progress in vlsi, the failing probability of processors and links is very low, the traditional connectivity underestimates the resilience of large networks / here by applying the concept " conditional connectivity " introduce by harary, we show that the n - crossed cube can tolerate up to 2n - 3 ( n > 2 ) processors failure and remain connected provide that all the neighbors of each processor do not ' fail at the same time, the result is the same as the hypercube. we also give a related algorithm in o ( n ) time, and the length of the longest path ; third, we apply cluster faun tolerance introduced by q. - p

    根據menger定理, n -維交叉立方體可以容納n - 1個故障頂點,我們給出了它的時間復雜度為o ( n )的容錯路由選擇演算法及其最長路徑長度分析;在此基礎上本文證明, n -維交叉立方體的條件連通度為2n - 2 ( n 2 ) ,並給出了相應時間復雜度為o ( n )的演算法及其最長路徑長度;除此之外,本文還證明當n -維交叉立方體中的故障簇個數不大於n - 1 ,其直徑不大於1 ,故障頂點總數不超過2n - 3 ( n 2 )時,交叉立方體中任兩個無故障頂點都至少有一條可靠路徑。
  3. Since the system parameters faulty coverage ratio and maintenance ratio influence the system ' s reliability and security, we analyze them and find out they play an important role in the evaluation of fault - tolerant system

  4. In the light of the main factors influencing the safe broadcasting of digital audio workstation system, this paper advances some measures from aspects of dual server ' s fault - tolerant technology, raids, security of operating system and database, security of exchanger, and calibrating technique for time, etc

  5. Fault tolerant design of sins gps dvl integrated navigation system