faunal stage中文意思是什麼

faunal stage解釋

  • faunal: adj. 1. 動物區系的;動物群的。2. 動物志的。adv. -ly
  • stage: n 1 講臺;舞臺;戲院,劇場;〈the stage〉戲劇,戲劇藝術;戲劇文學;〈the stage〉戲劇業;劇壇。2 ...

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  1. View from the economic, political and social backgrounds of present stage, the condition to abolish death penalty is far from being mature, but the system of death penalty in our country is born several defects, so we should strictly restrict the object and accusal that applied to death penalty through legislation and justice, demolish the procedure for judicial review of death penalty, carry out the system of the third instance as the final and add the institution of pardon

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  5. The result shows that the life cycle of all the species comprises a unicellular amoeboid or swarm cell stage, a multinucleate plasmodium stage and a sporulation stage