feeling your heart beating中文意思是什麼

feeling your heart beating解釋

  • feeling: n 1 感觸,感覺;知覺。2 〈常 pl 〉 感情,心情,情緒。3 同情,憐憫,體諒。4 (對藝術等的)感受,敏...
  • your: pron. 〈you 的所有格〉1. 你(們)的。2. 〈口、古〉所謂,大家都很知道的〈常含輕蔑意〉。
  • heart: n 1 心臟,心。2 胸,胸部;心胸,心地,心腸,胸懷。3 感情,熱情,愛情;靈魂;良心。4 勇氣,膽力;...
  • beating: n. 1. 打,敲;攪打;笞打。2. 失敗,潰敗。3. (心臟的)跳動,脈搏;(翅的)拍打。4. 【造紙】打漿;(把金屬)打扁[鍛伸],打制;【航海】迎風斜駛。

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  1. Advisability is nothing but the fragrance of rose that is flowering in your heart

  2. When you forget everything about the bustle of the big city in the heart of a fertile valley and soak yourself in a spacious open - air bath, the only thing exists there is space in harmony with nature that warms you up to the " core of your heart

  3. These were followed by dress you up and papa don t preach, with its message of generational rebellion. true blue, open your heart and la isla bonita were later successes. like an increasing number of her songs, who s that girl 1987 was tied - in to a film - in this instance, a poorly received comedy in which she starred with sir john mills

    當麥當娜的作品還沒登上排行榜的時候, 1984年,華納唱片公司發行了她的唱片集像個淑女like a virgin ,其主題曲成了麥當娜第一首榮登排行榜榜首的單曲,這張專輯也登上排行榜第一的位置。
  4. I. e., just as the birds spread wings over their young ones to provide them safety and happiness, you should also rear in your heart the feeling of happiness, joy and affection for all men, birds and beasts

  5. Pour out your heart to god when you ' re feeling overwhelmed ( psalm 62 : 8 )

    當你感覺無法承受時,要到上帝面前,向他傾心吐意(詩篇62篇8節) 。