feminine napkin feminine napkin中文意思是什麼

feminine napkin feminine napkin解釋

  • feminine: adj 1 女性的,女人的。2 婦女似的;嬌柔的;柔弱的。3 【語法】陰性的 〈cf masculine〉。4 【詩】句尾...
  • napkin: n. (食桌上用的)餐巾,揩嘴布;〈英國〉(嬰兒的)尿布;〈英方〉手絹、手帕;頭巾。 lay up [hide, wrap] in a napkin 藏著不用。

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  1. The masculine feminine tightrope but showbiz depictions of the business world are unrealistic. in the real world, dr brewis found that women walk an impossible tightrope, having to function in a male - oriented environment while staying feminine or be accused of being a career bitch

    在現實世界中,布魯伊斯博士發現,女性走在一條不可能通過的鋼絲之上,她們或者在一個由男性主宰的環境中,保持她們作為女人的特性,或者被稱作是「職業母狗」 。
  2. She tucked the napkin under her chin.

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  4. The text refers to the dichotomous ordering of the world : heaven is pure ; the earth turbid, masculine is active ; feminine at rest, etc

  5. Machines in this series are suitable for margin sealing of coil materials such as feminine napkin bags, baby diaper bags, and vest bags electric automatic rotating of turbine and worm adopted for issuance support and dragging support of machines in this series, with orderly congruence of margin sealing, and error - free patterns