fennel flower seed中文意思是什麼

fennel flower seed解釋

  • fennel: n. 【植物;植物學】 茴香(屬)。
  • flower: n 弗勞爾〈姓氏〉。n 1 花;花卉;花狀裝飾物。2 精華 (of)。3 開花,盛開。4 少壯,青春,盛年,盛時...
  • seed: n (pl seed(s))1 〈集合詞〉【植物;植物學】種;種子。2 顆粒;晶粒。3 〈pl 通例 seed〉 【生理】...

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  1. The downy flower head of a dandelion that has gone to seed

  2. Pistil is the seed - producing part of the flower

  3. According to the statistics of main journals about late 50 years in our country, our phytologists pay attention to the comparative anatomy studies of the carpoplyte, such as the structure of vascular tissue, leaf and leaf epidermis, the structure and development of flower, the characteristic of seed and seed coat, the secretory tissue, some primitive carpophytes and so on

  4. If i could catch a glimpse of you and you could be stared upon, i wish i could transform into a flower seed again to be carried by the god of the wind to the place nearest to you

  5. Pilates, the flower - seed business, pottery - -

    普拉提(運動) ,花木課陶器…