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  1. Cloning and sequencing of acc oxidase gene from sugarcane

  2. Degenerate oligonucleotides to highly conserved regions of cucumis melo 1 - aminocyclopropane - 1 - carboxylic acid ( acc ) oxidase gene were used to prime the amplification of fragment of 128bp by ploymerase chain reaction ( pcr ) in samples of genomic dna from fruit of cucumis melo l. cv hetao flesh, which was cloned into plasmid vector pmd - 18 - t. the clon of antisense orientation were selected, and it was inserted downstream of camv35s promoter and enhancer " " of tmv into the plant expression vector pbinyxw, antisence expression vector pbinya was constructed. at the base that pollination and fertilization of cucumis melo l. cv hetao was studied, using pollen tube pathway transformate cucumis melo l. cv hetao, 76 fruit had been obtained, moreover, hardness and content of sugar were analysed

    本實驗以河套蜜瓜果肉基因組dna為模板,用甜瓜acc氧化酶基因特異寡核苷酸鏈為引物進行pcr擴增,得到128bp的擴增產物。將得到的擴增產物克隆到質粒載體pmd - 18 - t上,篩選反向克隆,然後將其反向構建到植物表達載體pbinyxw的camv35s啟動子和tmv增強子「 」的下游,構建成反義表達載體pbinya 。並在對河套蜜瓜授粉受精生物學研究的基礎上,通過花粉管通道法轉化河套蜜瓜,共獲76顆瓜,並進行了硬度和含糖量的分析。
  3. With glucose oxidase ( gox ) as an enzyme model, a new glucose biosensor was fabricated

  4. Respectively. the mechanism of the hemin oxidase - like catalytic system is discussed. based on this, hemin can be spectrophotometrically determined by equilibrium and kinetic procedures with a linear range and 3

    利用該催化體系,用反應平衡法和動力學法均可分光光度定量hemin ,線性范圍為2 . 010
  5. A novel photohormone indole 3 - acetic acid sensor, plant tissue - ferrocene modified carbon paste electrode ( pfmce ), has been developed. the features of the electrode were investigated by cyclic voltammetry and the basic conditions needed for the optimal activity of iaa oxidase were also studied