festoon cloud中文意思是什麼

festoon cloud解釋

  • festoon: n. 1. 花彩;穗邊窗簾[門簾]。2. 【建築】垂花飾。3. 花彩裝飾物;彩旗。vt. 1. 給…結彩,在…飾以花彩。2. 使成花彩形。n. -ery 〈集合詞〉(一團)花絲;彩飾。
  • cloud: n 1 雲。2 雲狀塵埃、煙(等);(鳥、蟲、飛機等的)大群,大隊。3 (水晶等的)霧斑,(鏡子等上的)...

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  1. The vast arch of cloud above was strangely low.

  2. Similarly for a weapon of lower energy, the effective distance is less, but so also is the rate of ascent of the cloud.

  3. The astm standard method d2500-66 for cloud point measurement covers transparent petroleum products.

  4. From the mountain a giant mushroom cloud billowed into the sky.

  5. Under the ceaseless conflagration of lightning that flamed in the skies, everything below stood out in clean - cut and shadowless distinctness : the bending trees, the billowy river, white with foam, the driving spray of spume - flakes, the dim outlines of the high bluffs on the other side, glimpsed through the drifting cloud - rack and the slanting veil of rain