final thoughts中文意思是什麼

final thoughts解釋

  • final: adj 最終的,最後的,終極的;結局的,結果的;決定性的。 the final ballot 決選投票。 the final caus...
  • thoughts: 思考者

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  1. The abstractive basis consists of definitions and hypotheses of knowledgeable employees, discuss about inbeing of knowledge economy, influences of knowledge in human history and thoughts about intrinsic nature of human being

  2. Language itself breaks down before the final abyss.

  3. We will be planning to establish a research center for the studies of contemporary interpretation within two to three years, as a platform for sharing thoughts and information, but we will rather prefer to accumulate more experiences and research results before we reach the stage of proposing final details for establishing research center

  4. And the final stage, using repet ' s patented cerebral synconding process, all of your pet ' s thoughts, memories and instincts are painlessly transplanted via the optic nerve

  5. Viewing the maturing course of wang guo - wei ' s literary thoughts from the final version of