finance leasing中文意思是什麼

finance leasing解釋

  • finance: n. 1. 財政,金融,財政學。2. 〈pl. 〉歲入,財源,資金。vt. 1. 為…供給資金,給…通融資金。2. 賒貨給…。vi. 掌握財政,處理財務。
  • leasing: n. 〈古語〉虛言,謊話。

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  1. The current paper begins with introduction of the finance leasing business to commence

  2. To meet the increasingly sophisticated commercial development and business needs of medium - sized enterprises, belgian bank provides a broad spectrum of tailor - made financial solutions which include trade finance services, diamond trade finance, hedging treasury products, factoring, hire purchase leasing and syndicated loans

  3. They are currently closing on a $ 130 million fund raising to finance expansion in its airplane leasing business in china

    最近,他們雙方確認了價值1 . 3億美元的融資項目,為該公司在中國的飛機租賃業務提供資金擴充支持。
  4. We operate within five business groups : real estate, infrastructure and project finance, operating leasing, structured finance, corporate principal finance and funds manage

  5. Currently, because of reasons such as shortage of the government management, economic policy, business enterprise cognition, the credit mechanism, the industry of chinese finance leasing is still sailing at sea. so it did not match to the present economic condition of the high - speed development in china