finger-finger percussion中文意思是什麼

finger-finger percussion解釋

  • finger: n 1 指頭,手指〈一般指拇指以外的手指〉。2 指狀物;(手套的)指部;(鐘表的)指針。3 一指之闊〈約3...
  • percussion: n. 1. 敲打,叩擊;撞擊;碰撞。2. (由敲打產生的)震動。3. 【音樂】打擊;(樂隊的)打擊樂器組。4. 【軍事】擊發(裝置)。5. 【醫學】扣診(法)。

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  4. She also learned a kind of alphabet for the blind, in which different finger positions stand for different letters of the alphabet.

  5. I once became a clerk in house of a mahjong, was taken by public security public security bureau, employed buccal worker worker, still made finger wool on my record, with amerce