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  • fire: n 1 火,火焰;火災;燃燒;爐火,烽火。2 射擊;火力。3 火花,閃光;光輝。4 熱情,熱烈,熱心;生氣...
  • data: n 1 資料,材料〈此詞系 datum 的復數。但 datum 罕用,一般即以 data 作為集合詞,在口語中往往用單數...
  • base: n 1 基底,基,根基,底座;底層,底子;(紀念碑等的)基址;(山)麓。2 【軍事】基地,根據地。3 根...

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  1. Then i gave out the ten steps when a data base marketing system is being built in sedan market. in chapter four, i talked about how do we collect and collate the data used in sedan marketing system, studied the discrimination and the excerption of primary data and secondary data problem

  2. The interlinking technology based on the web server and the data base

  3. This machine adopts an automatic way to measure torsional stiffness and hysteresis of damper spring on driven plate, the whole machine is controlled by industrial computer. all performances are carried byitself. it is exerted torsion by itself or by manul, then it gathers data, sets up data base for test, and outputs data and figures automatically

  4. Hall and brown first define an on-line bibliographic data base as a collection of records.

  5. This subject is with ovid ( journals ovid full text ) data base an example with two domestic biomedical information full text biomedicine electronic periodical that circle use often most these, proquest of umi, search to it characteristic, discipline distribute, sci, etc., that authoritative data base includes than serious, and jcr periodical influence factor analyze a lot of go on and appraised and study, can purchase the reference of offering of the department in order to expect the analysis result of a subject for readers and electronic periodical, do some exposition on appraisal of the electronic periodical of medical science of foreign language at the same time