fish lead中文意思是什麼

fish lead解釋

  • fish: n 菲什〈姓氏〉。n (pl fishes 〈集合詞〉 fish)1 魚;〈集合詞〉魚類;魚肉。 ★說魚的若干種類時用 f...
  • lead: n 1 鉛,鉛製品。2 【航海】測鉛,測深錘,水砣。3 〈pl 〉(鋪屋頂的)鉛皮;鉛皮屋頂;【印刷】插鉛,...

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  1. The lead researcher, joseph hibbeln of the us national institutes of health, and the bristol scientists, including professor jean golding, compared the amount of fish eaten by pregnant mothers with the development of their children up to the age of eight

    對孩子的行為和智力的新的研究表明聽從了美國控制結核病的「建議」 ,或害怕汞中毒而不吃魚的婦女,可能缺少大腦發育所需的營養物質,從而損害到他們的孩子。
  2. According to the locals, the excrement of people will drop to the fish pound directly which will be dissolved naturally and will not lead to bad odour

  3. Eating too much animal fats and too little fibre may cause breast and intestinal cancers while consuming an excessive amount of preserved or smoked food may lead to stomach cancer. nasopharyngeal cancer is closely related to eating too much salted fish since childhood

  4. Vitamin b12 is responsible for red blood cell metabolism. inadequate consumption may lead to anemia. meats and animal products such as beef, pork, poultry, fish, egg, and milk are excellent sources of vitamin b12

  5. Determination of lead in fish by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry