fitting strip中文意思是什麼

fitting strip解釋

  • fitting: n 1 配合,裝配,裝修。2 (衣樣的)試穿。3 〈 pl 〉【機械工程】用具;零件,附件,(接頭)配件。4 ...
  • strip: vt (stripped 〈罕用語〉 stript stripping )1 剝;剝去衣服;剝光;除去,取去 (of)。2 奪,搶去;...

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  1. Air gage fitting

  2. Approach lighting fitting

  3. Material : galvanized steel strip and asbestos line

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  5. A conc1usion can be drawn that these algorithms has better preci si on and fitting for the multi - - beam swath bathymeter system better on the condition of 1arge beam ang1e, and can improve the precision of edge beams in non - - specu1ar seabed region