fitting to curved surface中文意思是什麼

fitting to curved surface解釋

  • fitting: n 1 配合,裝配,裝修。2 (衣樣的)試穿。3 〈 pl 〉【機械工程】用具;零件,附件,(接頭)配件。4 ...
  • to: adv 到某種狀態;〈特指〉到停止狀態;關閉。 ★也常和動詞結合,略去其後賓語,而構成成語: The door i...
  • surface: n 1 表面;地面;水面;廣場,空地。2 外觀,外表,皮毛。3 【幾】面;切口;【航空】翼面。adj 表面的...

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  1. Considering the vectorial property of the time - average energy flow density, a new extensive definition of the light intensity has been proposed. it is expressed as the time average of the amount of energy which crosses in a unit time and a unit area, so it can be applied to measure quantity of the light intensity at any curved surface

    對于非傍軸標量光場能量傳輸規律的描述則必須考慮其能流密度的矢量特性,應當採用光強的精確定義? ?單位時間單位面積上所流過能量的時間平均值來精確地描述某一橫截面上的能流,這也與光強的實際測量值是一致的。
  2. The contact freeform surface meaurement system the authors are developing is introduced in this paper, it is the application of cmm in the reverse engineering of part. the components of its software and hardware are analyed. under the circumstances of cad modelis unknown, somecirtical problems are studied such as the measurement points adaptive localization, the measurement path, layout and measurement data disoposal etc. based on measuring the curved surface of the cam, the scaning software have be designed in measuring the curved surface in cmm. the cmm ' s data can transfer to cad / cam system

    分析了其軟硬體的組成,並對在cad模型未知的情況下,測量系統軟體中的一些關鍵技術,如測點的自適應分佈、測量路徑的規劃和測量數據的處理方法等作了研究。並以凸輪輪廓曲線為例,編制了相應的曲線面輪廓掃描軟體,並使三坐標測量機的測量數據轉換為cad cam能接受的圖形信息格式。
  3. To machine the honeycomb sandwich, an interpolation method based on a rotary axis is also studied. with the round vector function and rotary movement group, a model of the error curved surface of the theoretical ellipsoid is set up to describe the actually measured surface

  4. According to the authors ' authorized and accepted patents for invention, the working principle, structure, measuring method and accuracy analysis of the curvature measuring apparatus of the arbitrary shape curved surface were introduced

  5. A new method that can be used to analyze the developability of a curved surfaces " mesh is proposed based on gaussian theory of mapping a curved surface onto a unit global surface. 3. a new method is proposed to homo - topologically map a triangular finite element mesh into a planar shape based on the assumption that the surface deformation is continuous and homogeneous

    3 、根據曲面變形連續均勻的特點,提出了一種基於單元等變形的三角形曲面網格拓撲等價映射演算法,將可展曲面與不可展曲面的網格採用統一的形式展開到平面上。