flare pistolpiston中文意思是什麼

flare pistolpiston解釋

  • flare: n 1 搖曳的火焰,閃爍的火光,閃光(信號);曳光管;照明彈;(太陽的)耀斑,色球爆發。2 (突然)燒...

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  1. Ask your cfi to take you to an airport where a long runway is available, preferably over 6000 ft. and to start a normal approach in normal configuration, descend to the normal round - out / flare hight, then keep the power or whatever power setting needed, so that you can fly the airplane, using ground effect. keep flying the runway center line for about 500 - 1000 feet

    要求教官帶你去降長跑道( 6000尺以上) ,降至平飄高度后拉平,不減油門,也許在多給點油,利用地效沿跑道中線平飛500 - 1000尺,在這段時間內快速目測左,前,右,前,體驗此時飛機與跑道面的高度,然後收油門。
  2. This monstrous flare would undoubtedly incinerate all life on the surface of the earth.

  3. The flare of the gas - jets, the open trunks, suggestive of travel and display, the scattered contents of the make - up box - rouge, pearl powder, whiting, burnt cork, india ink, pencils for the eyelids, wigs, scissors, looking - glasses, drapery - in short, all the nameless paraphernalia of disguise, have a remarkable atmosphere of their own

  4. The music judders and strains as if several clashing scores were being played at the same time. ataxia also looks fabulous with its design team - conjuring between them a world of luminous, unstable beauty where neon colours flare, surfaces buckle and reflect, and the costumes mutate, at a flick of lighting, between silver, blue and gold. - the guardian - friday june 4, 2004

    音樂猛烈地顫抖緊張,彷彿在同時演奏幾個相互沖突的樂譜《美麗迷惘》的設計組也非常棒他們魔法般地設計了一個明亮的不穩定的美麗世界,在這個世界里,霓虹燈的顏色閃耀著,舞臺表面彎曲著反射光線,隨著燈光的閃動,服裝變幻成銀色、藍色和金色。 」
  5. Theoretical researches on solar activity, solar flare and cme were involved in many fields of foundational physics such as plasma astrophysics, magnetohydrodynamics ( mhd ) and so on. the forecast of solar activity, a main branch of space weather, was becoming more and more significant for preventing space disaster and for many aspects of space science