flesh out中文意思是什麼

flesh out解釋
充實, 使有血有肉

  • flesh: n 1 肉;肉食〈現多說 meat〉; (和魚肉 fish、 鳥肉 fowl 區別說的)獸肉。2 肉體;肌膚。3 肉慾,情...
  • out: adv 1 〈位置及運動的方向〉向外,向外部;在外,在外部;出去,出外,離開;離岸,向海面;(船等)開...

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  1. The serpent attempted to draw out the weapon with his mouth, but broke it off, leaving the iron point rankling in his flesh.

  2. The playwright often fails to flesh out his characters

  3. Next, the teams divided into smaller groups to flesh out each of the sub - segments they had identified

  4. The acting skills of radcliffe ( harry ), rupert grint ( ron weasley ) and emma watson ( hermione ) have improved, but not enough to truly flesh out the characters and provide the narrative depth that this transitional, plot - advancing film needs

    雷德克利弗(哈利的扮演者) 、魯伯特?格林特(羅恩?韋斯利的扮演者)和艾瑪?沃特森(赫敏的扮演者)的演技都大有長進,但卻不足以真正將角色充實得有血有肉,或者跟隨電影敘述情節的發展需要得以更深入詮釋。
  5. Chapter three points out the problems of entrepreneurial human capital institutional of inside and outside circumstance at present in our country, then suggests to establish and flesh out a system in favor of entrepreneur institution forming, that begins with market circumstance, enterprise shareholding construction, the entrepreneur employment market, capital market