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  • flexible: adj. 1. 易彎的,撓性的。2. 柔韌的;柔順的。3. 靈活的。adv.
  • bearing: n 1 忍耐,忍受。2 態度,舉止,風采,姿態。3 關系,影響,方面,聯系 (on; upon); 意義。4 〈常 pl ...

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  1. Fist ly, use mass equivalent method to predigest the original rotor system. secondly, use transfer matrix arithmetic to have finished the relative program to calculate the critical speed of flexible multi - tray rotor bearing system by matlab language. thirdly. finish program the unbalance response using riccati - transfer matrix arithmetic and finity buck arithmetic. fourthly, answer to the high vibration of uncontroled system when cross the critical speed, come out to adopt changing clearance damper bearing to control the viberation

  2. The principal conclusions include : ( a ) the composite system is composed of both active - bearing structural members and inactive - bearing ones, being of a character of combination of rigid retaining structures with flexible ones, so its working mechanism will be behaved as sharing loadings, waterproof and impermeability, loading transfer, local reinforcement and pre - reinforcement ; ( b ) the experimental results show that much more subsoil will participate in retaining action, soil stresses of internal slope will be shared uniformly and deflections caused by excavation will be reduced notably because of cooperation of nails and cement - soil mixing pile wall ; and ( c ) the internal forces of facing in vertical model will be a control factor of design and the cross section tensile strength of cement - soil wall will govern strength of the

    主要研究結論有: ( 1 )復合土釘支護的作用機理主要為臨時加固土體以保證局部穩定、有機聯系以共同承擔荷載、改善土體性質起到止水抗滲作用。 ( 2 )試驗結果表明:復合土釘支護能夠充分調動周圍土體共同作用,有效地控制基坑變形;復合土釘支護中止水帷幕的插入深度和強度對控制邊坡變形與失穩有較大作用;復合土釘支護效果明顯優於一般的土釘支護。 ( 3 )面層與邊坡土體共同變形,設計時可按外力作用下的彈性地基梁進行計算。
  3. The dynamics behaviors of the flexible jeffcott rotor system supported by unsteady short dynamic bearing are investigated. based on nonlinear unsteady - state dynamic n - oil film force model described by three functions the local stability of the periodic solutions with the controlling parameters, rotational speed ratio, imbalance amount, damping ratio and viscidity, are predicted by using the floquet multiplier. it is found that the period doubling bifurcation is caused by a certain imbalance amount and the hopf bifurcation is created by the lost stability of the oil - film

  4. The characteristics of the intrinsic frequency distribution of the framed steam turbine - generator set foundation are summarized ; it can been seen that the base plate of the framed foundation does not have much effect on the dynamic response of the foundation, and that the " amplitude method " is better than the " resonance method " among dynamic analysis methods. when designing a framed foundation, as long as the load - bearing capacity and stability is ensured, a flexible pillar is better, the amplitude of vibration can be controlled through adjusting the particle quality in foundation design

  5. Geometric, kinetic, and lifetime analysis of anti - rotation mechanism with thrust ball - bearing is conducted, which is commonly employed in the scroll compressor of automotive air - conditioning system, and its wear during later stage ' s operation is also analysed quantitatively. it is pointed out that, in the case of having radial flexible mechanism, the wear between anti - rotation mechanism and scroll wrap exhibits synchronism and self - compensation. otherwise slight rotation would take place with that mechanism and orbiting scroll, resulting in asymmetric pressure within compression chamber pair and radial leakage