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  • flight: n 1 飛行,飛翔;(鷹對獵物的)追趕。2 (候鳥等的)遷徙;飛行的一群。3 (光陰)飛逝。4 (思想等的...
  • crew: n (全體)乘務員,(中下級)船員,水手;【體育】劃艇隊員;〈蔑稱〉同伴;組,班,隊,群;〈美國〉...
  • transition: n 轉變,演變,變遷,變化;飛越;過渡期;【音樂】變調,轉調;【修辭學】語次轉變;【語法】轉換;【...

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  1. Recordings from the cvfdr gave no indication of any aircraft system failures during the flight and no emergency call was made by the crew. neither air traffic control nor the gfs received any distress call from the helicopter

  2. Before commencing descent into hong kong, the flight crew were given a mean surface wind of 300 degrees at 35 knots and a runway visual range of 650 metres in heavy rain by the atis

  3. Article 43 the crew of a civil aircraft is composed of a pilot - in - command and other flight personnel

  4. This system also includes an on - line information service through which airline companies can retrieve flight documentation including forecast charts of en - route significant weather and wind temperature data issued by the world area forecast centres at london and washington, weather forecasts for departure, destination and alternate aerodromes, as well as the latest meteorological information of weather radar and satellite images, aerodrome warnings, tropical cyclone information, etc. weather briefings are provided via telephone or video conferencing equipment to flight crew members on request

  5. September 16, 2005 the civil aviation department ( cad ) has been notified of an aircraft incident at 1. 28pm today ( september 16 ) at the macao international airport involving a hong kong - registered crj700 aircraft of cr airways which was conducting aircrew base training at macao with four flight crew members on board and no passengers