floating zone purification中文意思是什麼

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  • floating: adj. 1. 漂浮的,浮動的,流動性的。2. 【醫學】游離的。3. 移動的;不定的。4. (塗工的)第二道(漆等)。5. (船貨)未到埠的,在海上的,在運輸中的。
  • zone: n 1 【地理】(地)帶。2 區域,范圍,界。3 〈古、詩〉(腰)帶。4 圈,環帶。5 【數學】(球面)帶;...
  • purification: n. 1. 清洗,洗凈;凈化(作用)。2. 提純,精製。3. 【宗教】滌罪;潔身;齋戒;潔禮,祓;【天主教】潔杯式。

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  4. In this paper, an ingot of niobium - niobium silicide based in - situ composites ( rmics ) was prepared by arc melting process, and nb - nb3si / nb5si3 in - situ composites with a uniformly orientated microstructure were produced in a high temperature gradient directional solidification apparatus named electron beam floating zone melting ( ebfzm ). the relationships between the processing parameters and the characteristics of the solidified microstructure have been investigated. the influence of the microstructure on the mechanical properties has been revealed and the rupture mechanism at room temperature has been discussed

    本文採用真空電弧自耗熔煉法制備了鈮?硅基rmics材料的母合金錠,並採用電子束區熔( ebfzm )高溫度梯度定向凝固裝置制備了定向效果良好的nb - nb _ 3si nb _ 5si _ 3共晶自生復合材料,並對其定向凝固工藝參數和組織之間的對應規律、組織特性進行了研究,探討了凝固組織對室溫力學性能的影響及其斷裂機制。
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