flower retention中文意思是什麼

flower retention解釋

  • flower: n 弗勞爾〈姓氏〉。n 1 花;花卉;花狀裝飾物。2 精華 (of)。3 開花,盛開。4 少壯,青春,盛年,盛時...
  • retention: n. 1. 保留,保持,(意見等的)保留。2. 保持力,記憶力;保留物。3. 〈古語〉拘押,監禁;扣留。4. 【醫學】分泌閉止,停滯;閉尿;固位。5. 【保險】保有額。

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  1. An exquisite flower adorned her dress.

  2. Flower-bud formation may be affected adversely.

  3. Manjushris left handholds a magnificent blue lotus flower in full bloom, on which rests the prajnaparamita sutra great wisdom sutra. the lotus in full bloom represents the promise from manjushri that we can rise from the mud of delusion and afflictive emotions if we follow the teachings of the buddha. then ultimately, through actualizing and meditating on the great wisdom sutra, attain full enlightenment

  4. Flower ecologists have distinguished the wind pollinators, i. e., the anemophilous plants from the zoidogamous plants.

  5. Trees as well as 2. 7 million flowering shrubs and annual plants for these venues and carried out landscape improvement projects for 30 hectares of park land and roadside amenity areas. hong kong flower show