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  1. For satisfactory fluidization under these conditions an agitator is used in the bed.

  2. Abstract : this paper summarizes operation principle, performance and selected notable fundamental of fu type chain style conveyer. and the application is also introduced in esp system for al2o3 chamotte kiln

  3. Clinker burning of special cement with precalciner kiln

  4. For reactive dolomite maerz proposes the maerz pfr - kiln,

  5. In this thesis, flow regime identification and malfunction diagnosis of fluidization were studied with fractal technology, the presented methods for both flow regime identification and malfunction diagnosis were proved of effectivity. main achievements are as following : 1. fractal brownian motion ( fbm ) was made from gauss noise and compared with pressure fluctuation signal of gas - solid fluidization, which demonstrated the similarity between the fbm and the signal

    在通過fbm (分數布朗運動)數據模擬證明了氣固流化床壓力波動信號與分數布朗運動是相似的基礎上,提出了用分數布朗運動來模擬氣固流化床壓力波動信號,並採用r s分析法從信號時間序列中提取出hurst指數,通過分析信號hurst指數值對流化床流型和結塊故障進行了研究。